Welcome to SerenePages

This is my landing page. I'm Serene Vannoy, and I do a lot of things, some of them well.

Where you can go from here:

42, my little literary magazine with a twist. We (meaning I and a couple of beloved editors) publish fiction, poetry, and lots of things that don't really "belong" in a literary magazine: how-to articles, music (on CD), cartoons, and whatever else tickles us and illustrates our mission, which is "Celebrating Life with Meaning."

The Mom Food Project, my cooking blog, about love and food and family

My Dreamwidth journal, where I write down my day-to-day thoughts about lots of things. If you've heard of LiveJournal, this is like that, but without the evil overlords.

My writing has been published in several journals, most recently in the upcoming issue of Occam's Razor. If you wanted to, you could see a partial list of my writing and editing credits here, or see a bunch of my poems here, including some that aren't very good. Because what's the internet for if not for sharing one's bad poetry with the world?

Or you can send me email with "write," "writing," "edit," and/or "editing" in the subject line if you want me to write or edit something for you. I've done writing and editing for small companies, large publishers, and huge multinationals, and if your project is decreasing world suck, also known as doing good in the world, I'll work with you on affording my fee.

Facebook: I spend a fair bit of time on Facebook, on my personal FB page, which is mostly public and subscribable; and on the ones for the magazine, the blog, and the rec.food.cooking community. I also help update the page for the the UC Berkeley Disabled Students' Program / TRIO Project's Facebook page, which is a great place to get disability-related news and socialize with other people who care about social justice for people with disabilities.

Hosted by 4theBest eCommerce Solutions, a wonderful little web code shop, owned by my partner's brother. My partner (of Kissing Hank's Ass fame) works there, as well.